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Meet the Family Duo behind Midwest Core

Shadow on Concrete Wall

hello. ciao. benvenuti!

Hello!  We are Kristina and Stephanie, native Italian sisters, mothers of young toddlers and co-founders of Midwest Core Billing.  We believe that a healthcare practice is a living and breathing entity and we focus on providing relational guidance and support for our providers.  The importance of family has made its way into our every day business, from our work crew to our community of providers.  Our values of team work, communication and integrity, help support and master the core of your practice and professional goals.  

Stephanie Ezell

My roots in the health care industry began working in research as a study coordinator assistant. Since then I have had the ability to practice in all areas of research from a study coordinator to a manager and billing/contract negotiator. My expertise then lead me to manage a mental health clinic alongside Kristina and from there noticed a severe lack of communication between the billing entity and the clinic. This pushed us into creating a comprehensive billing company that was tailored to each practice. We are a family owned company who work alongside each provider to achieve their goals in what they want their practice to become. 

Kristina DiNatura

I started my career focusing on patient recruitment for a mental health clinic and quickly branched off into managing and creating policies and procedures for multiple practices. This insight on the inner workings of an office allowed myself and Stephanie to look behind the scenes and focus our efforts towards helping a practice grow. We have dedicated our time to empowering providers and allowing their practice to be focused on the patient and their care while having a trusting billing team behind them. 

Team Work. Communication. Integrity

Over 3 decades of working with healthcare providers and practices has been the most rewarding profession.  Our team gets to support the very specialized clinicians behind health and wellness.  And as national healthcare changes and evolves, our providers can trust our team to guide them through the new insurance policies and cpt coding necessary to grow and sucessfully sustain a practice.  
Shadow on Concrete Wall

Behind every small business is a Family...

Whether you are just starting out on your practice journey or adding new providers and programs, trust that we will be there with you every step of the way.
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