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Provider Billing and Credentialing Services

Practice Planning and Strategy

With our extensive background in clinic administration and policy creation we know what it takes to run a practice. We have also worked with many different EMR systems and will be able to start immediately without delay. Let us help you build you practice with the assurance that it will be successful from the start. 

Provider Credentialing and Contracting 

Our expertise ensures timely submission and constant follow up with any insurance carrier you choose to contract with. Please ask us about our 5 insurance bundle for a discounted rate

Medical Billing and Coding Services

We provide a personalized service that allows you to be in control of every aspect of your practice. Our team will work directly with each provider to correct any errors prior to claim submission. This guarantees a timely submission and a quick reimbursement to your practice. We work diligently to ensure any claim rejections are also taken care of immediately. Our team can confidently state that your practice will be receiving insurance reimbursements at a faster rate due to our meticulous steps prior to submission. 

Medical and Clinical Research Billing

With a full overall knowledge of how to run a research site (EDC, IRB, source creation, buildout of CRIO Database, etc.) we have extensive experience invoicing sponsors and tracking visit payments. Let us provide you with a comprehensive billing platform that has the necessary understanding required. 

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